Monday, May 2, 2011

Snickerdoodle Muffins!

I have been making fairy gardens and gypsy caravan gardens like a crazy woman!

I have two weeks until Market Days...but only ONE WEEK until I have some trusted friends walk through the gardens and help me "price" these little lands!

I find that I am either ALL into creating or I have to get up and do something else......
I have found that baking helps me stay focused and creative yet let's me step away from the world of fairies!
In my baking frenzy I have found the BEST muffin recipe.
Snickerdoodle Muffins.
OMG you have to go to:

They are easy... your house will smell amazing will be a hit at your breakfast table...and your entire family will fall in love with these little sugary nuggets of goodness!!!

And while I am at it....I have to share another blog that is my all time favorite blog to get new recipes! I have been making two or three recipes a week from this little blog gem:

Go on....bake something! xo


  1. Hello! I'm so excited to hear that you have the opportunity to sell your beautiful creations! I'm sure that they will be a big hit. I've been a little MIA lately do to moving, but I'm slowly settling in and catching up. I have been absolutely craving muffins the past few weeks! This recipe is definitely one I plan to try out. Best of luck with your new adventure!

  2. Yum! Pop the kettle on...I'm coming right over! Thanks for the links - off to check them out now x

  3. Oh yum! Thank you for sharing the recipe link. They look most tasty!!! Theresa