Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here it is! My Family Activity Advent Calendar....

This is the best I could do!...a fairy condo of match boxes that I hot glued together and prettied up! I REALLY wanted to copy the "bucket" ideas (below) but since tomorrow is December 1st and I couldn't find any buckets, I realized I had to come up with something else! I also loved the socks and mittens (below) but it looked like they required some type of sewing?? So I went with this.....no bigger than the size of my peppermint mocha!!
Each matchbox holds a piece of paper with a"Family Activity" to be enjoyed each day. Some of the family activities include; family movie night, volunteering at the Humane Society, shopping for our Angel Tree boy, board game night, making Christmas cookies, making a holiday fairy garden, Subway lunch at school with mom, making wrapping paper and wrapping grandparent gifts, filling a bag with food from the pantry and dropping off to a local shelter, stringing popcorn and making pinecone feeders for our animal friends, making snowflakes and paper chains, Elfing ourselves and emailing to grandparents, reading all of our Christmas storybooks, having a dinner picnic by the evergreen forest (or by the Christmas tree), going on a Starbucks run for hot chocolate and looking at lights.

Tomorrow is Day ONE! I think we "Write a letter to Santa" tomorrow.....I already forgot! ....
...and look who popped out of the tree to say good night...and Happy December!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent Calenders

I am obsessed with making one before December 1st! One of my FAVORITE blogs, CaRouSel DrEAmS, inspired me!! Here are some ideas I found....just trying to decide which one to make! What do YOU think dear Blog readers??

The countdown is on!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sisters on the Fly!!

On my quest to find the perfect gypsy caravan to park in my back yard and adorn with twinkle lights, books, and a wine celler...I came across this book and have become mesmorized by the magic of old trailers! This book is FILLED with delicious images of women in their element!! You have to check it out....and I am going to keep my mind open....apparently gypsy caravans come in all shapes and sizes!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Fairy Garden for Max

Our garden center was having a huge sale on summer plants. We decided to buy a few cactus since we have never planted them before (and now I know why!) Max wanted to make a dessert scene for his army guys ....watch out for surprise attacks and quick sand!

Lesson Learned: Never shake hands with a cactus!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dreaming of Gypsy Caravans!!

I have been dreaming of living in a gypsy caravan since I was 9 years old......I have always been enchanted by the idea of living in a tiny space filled with bold colors and happy twinkle lights...able to move on when the wind changed or a new adventure awaited my arrival!

Since the rest of my family REFUSES to move out of the comfort of their home...I have decided to buy one...just for me. I have been researching.....:)

For now...I leave you with the images that dance through my dreams......

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...and then it was November!

May the enchantment of the season last the entire year!!