Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Furnished Fairy House Tour!

Good afternoon! It is so wonderful to see you!!...Hurry, please won't you come in? It is a blizzard out there!... A Midwest snowstorm!...
Do come in out of that wind and blowing snow! You will be covered!
Let me take you on a wee tour of my furnished fariy is finally done! Let us start upstairs in the art your step. Here, let me turn on the lantern...

As you can see, I was getting ready to begin a painting....but when the storm blew in I was just so inspired to spend the morning baking....can't you smell those cookies in the oven?

Shall we fly on down to the bedroom?....I want to show you the hammock where I sleep! There is nothing better than snuggling down in a pod of soft, sweet moss!

Right through these gypsy curtains we will find a warm fireplace! I have been adding wood to it all day long!

My kitchen is a MESS but you can take just a quick peek to see what I have been baking on this cold, wintery day!

Please, have a seat and I will bring you some tea and a plate of sugary goodness!...

Thank you so much for stopping by!....Please do not are welcome to stay as long as you would like! I just LOVE company! My door is always open....and my tea kettle is always whistling!!!

~Dear Blog Friends! I will be picking a name for my birthday/50 followers drawing tonight!!...The winner will receive this Furnished Fairy House!...Lady Luna will do the honors of drawing a name this evening....we will announce the winner tomorrow....It is not too late to enter! Just leave me a comment today if you did not leave a comment earlier this month to enter the drawing!!~ xo


  1. I loved your sweet is this fae abode. And now you are offering sweets????? oh my how wonderful are you? Thanks don't mind if I do, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Beautiful! My Luna would LOVE it ~ as would the fairies that peek and sneak around our home.

  3. Dear Melissa,

    This is UTTERLY MAGICAL and charming. I love it and I love it that you're sharing it with thousands of people.

    We love to bake thimble sized cupcakes for the faeries here at Sunflower House. And the faeries appreciate them so much.

    Sending love and sprinkles of sparkling faerie dust,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. How generous of you! I would love to have my name entered in your drawing. Thank you!

  5. I'd love to be entered in the drawing! What an adorable Fairy House. :) Happy Birthday! ~Cori

  6. How cute! I'd love to win it! And Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for linking at Nature Connections. I hope that you will join us again next month, too (but please link to a specific post that includes photos of the little one enjoying nature).

  7. Your faerie house is adorable! Love it!

    And the sweets look scrumptious, enjoy!

  8. I am entering your drawing again dear friend!! Love this!!

  9. And "anonymous" is me!!! Melanie!

  10. I LOVE your faerie house!!!! It is so are a very talented Faerie House Decorator! I love all of the details! Thank you for sharing it with us.....oh yeah.....and I hope I win!!!! lol

  11. Gorgeous and so sweet and whimsical what an amazing imagination you have. My girls and I would love to admire this little home.

  12. Alright now that is just plain old awesome!! I am loving all the gems I'm finding thanks to Nature Connections. Off to spy on the rest of your site :p

  13. This is simply darling! I am amazed by the detail and love the fireplace. Beautiful!

  14. Thank you for having us come inside from the cold. It is awful out there. How snug and warm it is in your new little home, and you have sweets and hot tea all ready. It did not take you long to furnish your place, and you have arranged everything so perfectly. My, my I could really make myself at home here.

  15. I'm sorry I have been so bad about leaving comments! I love your Fairy homes, so creative.
    I believe in Fairy's too!
    Have a warm day blogging friend.
    Hugs from Florida,
    ps....the cupcakes and cookies are wonderful!

  16. Melissa, your little faerie house is divine! I love the pop of colour with the red beads...and those cakes and biscuits - yum!

  17. It's just amazing, Melissa! You are a true inspiration, the patience and the baking is a bonus as well! I've gained about 5 pounds waiting for the kettle to whistle! I do love cupcakes!xx Nancy

  18. Oh, am I too late??? This faerie house is so gorgeous. Hope you are staying nice and cozy. We've had storms every week. Your cupcakes and cookies look delicious. I've been baking a lot, too, since I'm stuck in the house! Take care, Theresa


  19. Charming little cottages and super light fairies :))