Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Hands make the BEST Fairy Gardens

I have to share the fairy gardens that were made by my little friends Adam and Kayla!

Adam, Kayla and their mom were our house guests last week and we had SUCH a fun time!

Wish they could have stayed longer...we miss them so much!

It is very difficult to turn off creativity in two kids were are bursting with it! it was only right that they were encouraged to dig into the plethora of fairy garden supplies I have on hand!
As you can see, they are naturals!

Max also released his creative mojo...although his "fairy gardens" always turn into some kind of army camp.

A trip to the garden store, a table full of fairy supplies, and a little imagination....


  1. Awww... I love the kids' work! :) Those little imaginations must have been reeling like crazy.

    PS- your fairy gardens inspired me to make one of my own for a little contest, and I won second place! My husband helped me pick out sticks as we walked through the forest, and it was a lot of fun to make. Certainly not as awesome as your lovely gypsy caravan one (my favourite), but I think it turned out all right for my first time! hehe Pic - Thank you for your lovely creations and inspiration <3

  2. Melissa, this post makes my heart burst! I love to see little people creating and so immersed in the process instead of on computers and mobile lucky these guys are to have such a cool friend that knows how to make amazing fairy gardens x

  3. Wonderful moments !! Yeap! I agree with Tina!! it's the best when kids are creating and use their pure fantasy !! You are a wonderful mother that speaks with fairies !! Magical!!! Kisses ! Happy weekend to you !! :o))

  4. This is just so beautiful! :) How wonderful to get the young ones involved in creating something from nature. :) Hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend! Theresa

  5. Oh these fairy gardens are fab!
    What nice & creative visitors to have :)
    Kat x