Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gypsy Caravan!!

Check out what I have been working on! A Gypsy Caravan for my fairy friends.....

I am not completely done......I need to add some bells and whistles (literally:)

...and THEN I need to make a Gypsy Caravan Park so the wee folk do not have to fight over this one!!

I just had to share with all of you who inspire me so very, very much!!
Keep creating my friends!!! xo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bottle Trees- LOVE THEM!

I love these whimsy fabulous trees.....which were created years ago to keep away evil spirits....but since we don't have evil spirits...I just think they look funky and colorful in my garden!

I had two bottle trees last year but I did not have many bottles (I only drink red wine so I had to have my friends bring me their white wine bottles...which are blue:)! It is a good excuse to have friends over collect bottles for garden art....needless to say, I have collected a large number of blue bottles this winter so hopefully my bottle trees will look like the one above once spring rolls around!
How gorgeous are all of these colors!!! I may have to add a few rainbow bottle trees too.....

Oh and if I had a fence I would TOTALLY place bottles along the whimsy....

Makes me want to open a bottle of wine......;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Fabulous Finds....

Hello my friends! I wanted to share some things that have crossed my path this week! It has been a week full of delicious-ness!

First, I must show you the potting bench that my husband made for me!
What a Valentine’s Day gift! I found a picture of this VERY SAME bench in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and put a Stick-It note with the words I LOVE THIS on the page.
I left it for him to see but didn’t think he’d MAKE one!
He and my son worked on this for over two weeks (well, my son worked on it for two days) and surprised me on Valentine’s Day!
Isn’t it perfect??? (don't mind the mess around it....he had to make it in the storage basement:)

Next…a little something I bought myself.
Look at this plant stand!
I found this at Gordmans the other day and fell in love with it! It is so different. It was MADE for my downstairs bathroom!
A Rainbow Chime Maker!
I got this for my birthday but totally forgot about it!
I found it when I was cleaning my room this morning!
It is placed in a window where the direct sunlight hits the solar panel; the warmed solar panel swings a crystal prism that creates rainbows to dance around the room while gently knocking the wind chimes making a soft tinkely sound!
A little valentine present from Max....LOVE THIS YUMMY is lit as I write this...

A bouquet of daffodils from my friend….

A little something I made with my new metal stamping materials....I am still learning....but wanted to share

Cupcake Calamity
A gift from Wendy from Wonderland (
I won Cupcake Calamity on Wendy’s last giveaway! I never win anything so I was tickled! We are going to have a cupcake party when she arrives….she will be the guest of honor!
I can't wait...she is on her way:)!!!

I am thinking of buying two more and putting them on my kitchen table around the three candle hurricanes that are there now filled with conversation hearts.

…and speaking of Peacocks. I have to share this blog with you!....I don’t even know how I found it but I wish she would post three times a day with pictures of her shop!
Check her'lll love it!

and may YOUR week be filled with fabulous-ness!! Xo

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Woodland Fairy Village!

Woodland Fairy Village…a magical dwelling, found deep in the woods, is a favorite meeting place among fairy folk. You know you have arrived when you hear the faint sound of flutes and are overcome with the familiar smell of vanilla.

Visitors are always welcomed to Woodland Fairy Village with acorn cups brimming with morning dew and fairy cakes sprinkled with a magic powder said to wipe out short term memory.
Woodland Fairy Village is known for its quiet, reflective and thoughtful way of life. Inhabitants spend most of their time day-dreaming, gardening, or collecting treasures. They take napping very seriously and never miss the opportunity to fly high up a tree and watch the sunset. Visitors describe the energy in the village as calm, unhurried and leisurely. (However, visitors are not allowed to visit on the first evening of every month when the energy is quiet different…)
Woodland Fairy Village is home to “The Woodland Market” which is held each month (at twilight) where various goods are sold. Fruit, crockery, trinkets and musical instruments can be found in abundance for sale or exchange. Skilled shoemakers fly in from far-away villages to sell one-of-a-kind designs to the most fortunate of all fairies. Milk Elves, who sell cheese, butter and cream, are the favorite among the entire village! (Milk Elves are often given extraordinary treatment for their trip to The Woodland Market).

The business-like atmosphere at The Woodland Market shifts at night-fall when fireflies begin illuminating the village with their enchanting dashes of light! The sounds of flutes and tambourines fill the air as fairies begin to dance with abandon! Feasting, singing, drinking and merry-making consume the villiage. Fairy children are often found playing games by moonlight, fairy elders are always sitting by a warm fire telling elfin stories between puffs of their homemade cattail pipes and single fairy maidens are often found fawning over the Milk Elves.

Such exerberant merriment lasts deep into the night until the first rays of sunlight signal the conclusion of the traditional Woodland Fairy Village gathering. The atmosphere naturally resumes to a peaceful and leisurely pace as market vendors begin their travels home and villiage residents ease back into their daily rhythm beginning with a long nap….

Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Our New House Gnomes!

Due to the increase of fairy activity in our home (as a result of the fairy villiage I am just finishing up this week...can't wait to show you!) we have formally invited three gnomes to live with us. Their job is to look after the fairies and to keep Luna away ……the fairies do not realize Luna just wants to play! For those of you who may not know…gnomes are merry little old elves who are very earthy and friends to all animals. Unlike fairies, gnomes do not mind being seen by humans that they trust. If you invite gnomes into your home with good intentions, they will bring increased energy, clarity, and harmony to your home…..they will also most likely bring a bit of mischief!!!

Tiptoe is a Capricorn and likes to sleep in shafts of sunlight. At night you can find him on window sills watching for shooting stars and counting fireflies. He loves to observe quiet family gatherings but prefers to find a quiet place to read when there is a great deal of activity around the house. Tiptoe’s pet peeves are loud vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and riding in the same sack as stool samples (long story). Tiptoe always watches over family members who do not feel well….his gnome-pats help humans heal quickly.

Professor Crumb is a Gemini whose earthy, easy going attitude is a compliment to any home. He is a complex thinker with many ideas and creative solutions. He loves to solve problems and can always be found near his house servants when problems arise, whispering in their ear with his kind English accent. Crumb loves to travel and will eat anything. His dream is to be a food critic for a gnome magazine to sample the finest cuisine from all around the world. Crumb makes an excellent travel companion and is a terrific navigator! Although Professor Crumb maintains an easy going attitude, he can’t stand being held like a baby, micro-waved cooked food or the show Little People in a Big World.

Neehi is a Libra and prefers tacos to lobster. He likes to play tricks on his house servants and often times forgets to put the lid on the milk carton. Neehi’s favorite sport is chasing cat tails, dancing with feather dusters and knocking things off book shelves. Neehi is famous for his rambuncious nature and contagious laughter. His pet peeves are cat hair on the furniture and people who use the word ‘nugget’. Neehi is always there when family members have lost their sense of humor. Those who unexpectedly smile or burst into laughter were most likely just hugged, cuddled, or sniffed by Neehi.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Woodland Fairy House

I don't know what got into me last week but I had so much energy! Maybe I caught the energy of the snowstorm...or the energy of 9 year old boys with unexpected days off from school? Whatever it was it kept me movin....and "makin stuff" as my son would say! :)

I have two more little "tree stumps" similar to the one above so I plan to make two more Woodland Houses this week! I am also in the middle of a project that I'm not sure will work but I thought it would be a whimsy supplement to my other Fairyland Items at the Farmers Market:) We'll see if it works! .....and THEN I have the most amazing idea for a Fairy "house" that I can't WAIT to dig my hands into!!! Can't wait to share with all of you.......Have a magical weekend my friends!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What do you think?

I had an explostion of creative energy over the past week! I made these vases that I plan to sell at our local farmer's market this summer....
I am going to fill them with fresh flowers from my garden.....

...and sell them for 8 dollars each....

Notice my little assistant in the picture....she is never far!!....

I am also selling fairy houses, fairy gardens, and some garden markers.....which I will share with you soon!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Winner Is!....

My assistant (and constant lap companion), Lady Luna, picked the winner of the Furnished Fairy House in the wee hours last night! I placed all of the participant's names on slips of paper, placed them in a bag, poured myself a glass of wine, sprinkled just a dash of catnip inside the bag and then placed the bag on the floor and waited......and waited......and waited for a name to fall out. Eventually ONE. SINGLE. PIECE. OF. PAPER fell from the bag......

Revealing the winner of the drawing! The winner, I am so happy to say is a new blog that I stumbled upon not long ago! A blog BURSTING with creativity and energy and magic! A blog with the most adorable name and inspiring activities for children (and adults)...

And the winner of the Fairy House goes to Shanti at Twig and Toadstool (see, I told you it was an adorable name:) ....I have a feeling that the fairies and gnomes who reside at Twig and Toadstool will love moving into their new home!...and I hope the children love it too!

Thank you all who participated in my first drawing! Those of you that left comments truly made my day! Thank you! Keep creating my blog friends....I have a new fairy house to show you tomorrow! Your comments and kind words inspired me!! xo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Furnished Fairy House Tour!

Good afternoon! It is so wonderful to see you!!...Hurry, please won't you come in? It is a blizzard out there!... A Midwest snowstorm!...
Do come in out of that wind and blowing snow! You will be covered!
Let me take you on a wee tour of my furnished fariy is finally done! Let us start upstairs in the art your step. Here, let me turn on the lantern...

As you can see, I was getting ready to begin a painting....but when the storm blew in I was just so inspired to spend the morning baking....can't you smell those cookies in the oven?

Shall we fly on down to the bedroom?....I want to show you the hammock where I sleep! There is nothing better than snuggling down in a pod of soft, sweet moss!

Right through these gypsy curtains we will find a warm fireplace! I have been adding wood to it all day long!

My kitchen is a MESS but you can take just a quick peek to see what I have been baking on this cold, wintery day!

Please, have a seat and I will bring you some tea and a plate of sugary goodness!...

Thank you so much for stopping by!....Please do not are welcome to stay as long as you would like! I just LOVE company! My door is always open....and my tea kettle is always whistling!!!

~Dear Blog Friends! I will be picking a name for my birthday/50 followers drawing tonight!!...The winner will receive this Furnished Fairy House!...Lady Luna will do the honors of drawing a name this evening....we will announce the winner tomorrow....It is not too late to enter! Just leave me a comment today if you did not leave a comment earlier this month to enter the drawing!!~ xo