Monday, April 25, 2011

Let The Sun Shine.....

Hello my friends! I have been away for WAY, WAY too long! It has been a very heartbreaking, stressful and gloomy few weeks for me. I had a death in the family and a tragedy of a very close friend of mine that resulted in the death of a 2 year old boy. I have been feeling so sad and helpless and hopeless and worthless....wish I could help more, do more, make it all go away.....


The last two days have been a bit better....I feel the sun starting to shine a bit...and my mind beginning to stabilize.....and I have some news.....

My husband and I were on a drive on Sunday with our Starbucks and I decided to just go talk to the store owner of my favorite store in a little town by our house. I showed her the pictures that I had with me of my fairy houses and gardens and she wants to sell my stuff in her store. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???

I will "debut" my fairylands on May 15 during a street festival called "Market Days"!! I was stunned but so excited....definitely put a pep in my step and helped my mood quite a bit!! now I have a deadline. Kind of freaking out!!!

I have been away from the blog world for almost a month...I have so much blog hopping to do!...and fairy houses to make!....:) I hope you are all doing well, I have missed you!! xoxo


  1. I just discovered your site, and have saved it to two places in my favorites. I love the music you have playing today, fairies,(I'm in the process of creating a fairy garden,) being outdoors, and camping, which kind of goes with the caravan theme. (Also love cats, but don't have one right now.) I will be back regularly, I'm sure.

  2. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about the sad times in your life right now. I'm glad things are getting a little better. Sending you cyber hugs! A chance to sell your wonderful creations is so exciting! I hope it all goes well. You can do it!

  3. A loss of a friend is a terrible thing to go through. Sometimes we feel as though we should do something more even when there is nothing at hand to do. You wake up and for a second you hope it was all a bad dream. Time keeps marching forward and you can feel guilty as though you were leaving the friend behind.
    However, one of the lasting tributes you give them is that you carry them forward in your heart and in your memories.

    Not surprised at all about your business venture. Wish I could attend Market Days to see your fairy world, but I will be thinking about you and wishing you the very best.

    Hope you will have pictures to share.

  4. You have been missed! So sorry to hear of the tragedies that you have been dealing with. Big hugs to you. But what new joy has been brought to you - the opportunity to share your amazing creations with others! I wish you oodles of success! Theresa

  5. So sorry to hear of trauma and loss. :( Makes my heart sad to hear of a young one passing.

    You know, I think your fairy creations are fabulous and I'm not surprised someone wants to display them for sale or otherwise. :)

    One foot in front of the other, friend. Time will bring peace and finding joy in life honors those who have passed from this earth. It was a long road to joy for me after losing our first baby boy at birth, but joy I have found. ((((hugs)))) Cori

  6. Hello lovely blog sister...I am so very sorry about your friend's child...I cannot imagine how difficult this time was for you all. It's hard to find the words to say, but you know I am sending you love across the ocean. Also, I am happy for you that your beautiful creations will be sold in a store, but hardly suprised because they are so beautiful. Take care my lovely x

  7. Ηi my friend ! I'm very sorry about your friend's loss! It must have been very difficult for them and for you ! Well, it's good that you feel a little better now ! Congratulations for your success ! You deserve that cause your fairy houses are veeery beautiful ! I wish you a good month and lots of success to the street festival !
    Kisses and Hugs! :o))