Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party!!

The time has come…magic fills the air
Please join us for a fairy faire!
Just a sprinkle of dust, and the squeeze of your eyes
And you will shrink to fairy size!
Please let me hold the door for you
And watch your step while you climb through
A pumpkin carriage ride we’ll take
A fairy party we have to make!
Through the pumpkin patch we’ll go
Enjoy the breeze of autumn blow.
Oh no! Is that a sea of glass?
We’ll have to take a boat to pass.
Around the bubble maze we’ll scurry
We can’t be late, we have to hurry!
Shh! What’s that?...Could we be near??
Is that fairy merry-making that I hear?
Into the fairy ring, go on..take a dive
The fairies have been waiting for you to arrive!
WELCOME Fanciful Guests! We are happy you are here!
You are among friends, you have nothing to fear!
Please hang your hat and do have a seat
May I offer you a fairy treat?

A spot of tea, a cup of dew
How about some pumpkin stew?
Lemon tart, acorn puree
A bit of sunflower seed soufflé?
And now the band begins to play
May I have this dance? You hear someone say
A wee piano, some bongos, a drum
And a little guitar waiting to be strummed.
Music begins to fill the air!
Singing and dancing everywhere!

And just when everyone gets lost in play
The nighttime slowly turns to day!

After all farewells are said
The fairies head straight off to bed!
Just drink this dust and close your eyes
You’ll grow back to your normal size.

So many more parties you need to attend!
Thank you Vanessa, our Fanciful Friend!


  1. Everything was SO beautiful and magickal. I loved being a fairy and sitting among the acorns. Thank you :)

  2. Beautiful, really really beautiful! I loved it! Just magical :)

  3. A pumpkin carriage AND a faery ring, I don't want to leave your magical party just yet!

  4. What a super party you have going on here! I am SO loving it. Might I leave with you some of my special fairy dust made especially by my enchanted fairies of the Harrington Manor?...

    Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.

  5. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pretty and enchanting! I loved this party so much. Thank you for coming to visit me today at my little party. :) Theresa

  6. flip boomfairy fly...I was tired for a minute; and sipped some nectar and I flit and flit and oh my what a lovely place you have to stop for a visit and celebrate an artist's touch...thank you for letting me sprinkle dust over you pumpkin carriage and sharing your wonderful party.

  7. what wonderful enchantment!
    i just love the carriage especially.

    come on by my celebration when you catch your breath!

  8. Yay! I had a faerie, fancilicious time here! Oh my, the lemon tart - yum! And I did enjoy my pumkin ride - oh, and that sea of glass - mesmerising! Wonderful, magical post - thankyou for having me x

  9. That was absolutely enchanting! I love some fairy magic! The little fairy band was soooooooo cute!

  10. OOOoo pumpkin rides, fairy dust & fairy rings what more could we ask for :0)
    Wonderful post, thank you
    Trace x

  11. Fairy dust and a bubble perfect!

  12. Incredible photos!! And that pumpkin carriage just stole my heart for certain!!

    Thank you for sharing your magic!!

    ♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  13. Beautiful! I love the rhyme!
    My party is still on at:

  14. I loved your sweet faerie kissed party. I had an enjoyable time.

  15. Thank you for having me to your delightful Party.

    Gentle hugs...

  16. Super beautiful post..truly magical and dazzling!

  17. A transport of delight! I hadn't expected to go to a party this morning and now here I am with fairy dust on my shoulders.
    And I love the link to Fanciful Twist. Must drop by more often.
    Fairy Blessings,

  18. What a wonderfully enchanted party. The carriage is so whimsical. I will have to make a few to travel into the fairy realm around here. I loved it all. Great band.
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  19. its a little girls dream or in my case a big girls dream :)

  20. You have taken over Sharon Lovejoy's body and spirit, Melissa! So fanciful and adorable! Great job!

  21. Those fairies , they sure know how to decorate, all so very lovely!
    And a magical Pumpkin ride....made one last Halloween using a Cinderella pumpkin, only a wee bit spookier. Thanks for the magical party, had a great time here.

    Happy Halloween !

    Grab your broom and fly on over to THE WOOD BEYOND THE WORLD
    ( for your chance to win three of my original art prints…only comment required.

    •*´¨*.•*´¨*~^..^~*Annabelle.•*´¨*.•* *

  22. What a sweet and magical post! I love it. I especially like the photo of the little pumpkin carriage with the little mice sitting outside ~ adorable!

    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  23. Came by too early yesterday, glad I stopped back...

    Your pumpkins are MAGICAL!!!

    This is sooooo much fun!!!
    Love your blog, PICs & your creations.
    Please fly by for my giveaways too...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  24. I want to live with you so that I can be this enchanted every day of my life.
    I love love loved your post!!
    When you have the opportunity please come over for a visit!

  25. I didn't join in on this party.....but I am enjoying visiting.....this was a very magical party indeed! I LOVE the faerie ring!!! You must have lots of faerie friends! Thank you for inviting me.

  26. Midnight is drawing nigh,
    I bid farewell and say "Good bye."
    The pumpkin carriage will soon be here
    to take me back to the real world, I fear.
    But I will dream tonight of all that has past,
    merriment, dancing and memories that last.

  27. What an enchanting fairy playland! Love that pumpkin carriage! Thanks for sharing:)

  28. Such a cute post! I had so much fun viewing all your photos! Thank you for inviting me! I hope you'll come visit me, too!


  29. Lovely! What a party!!! Phew! But who can sleep after such fun is had? I may have another turn with that lad. *~_^*

  30. What a fun post! I really enjoyed visiting :) and that pumpkin carriage is so gorgeous!

    This has been my first time taking part in a blog party but I've had a really great time :)

  31. OMG Melissa,
    Your Mini Pumpkin Carriage is ADORABLE !! That is BY FAR my favorite part of your post!!! You have quite the imagination!! I hope to visit again soon , I just love your blog and your creativity ! Thank you for stopping by my party as well :-)

  32. Your faery band set up is adorable!

  33. I love your pumpkin carriage. What a beautiful, creative post.

  34. Can I stay a little while longer? I want to ride some more in the pumpkin carriage.....maybe you'd let me drive it too! I could escort the guests to the fairy know kind of like a pumpkin shuttle service....I would wear a tophat and tail - yep, the real deal here! So what'd you say - can I drive the pumpkin carriage, can I huh, can I purrleaseeeeee???



  35. Adore, adore, adore your blog!!! Thank you fro coming by and commenting on my sweet boy. I LOVE your Halloween post and oh those Martha Stewart bats. You are definitely in the spirit. I need to get in the spirit. I have one week!

  36. Hello from Once Upon a Fairyland. Thank you so much for coming to my blog. I hope we both visit each other often.

    I love your blog! Is that little pumpkin yours? I think we are a match made in Fairyland.

    I work at Michaels Craft those Martha Stewart Halloween goodies!

    I'll be back to you. Posting today and all this month on my childhood home.

  37. I so love a fairy ring - where did you find it?! And the coach is to die for - ahhh a favorite memory from my childhood my carriage cake made with love by my mom! Thanks for your party! - please do come on over to our graveyard / party The Graveyard
    and feel free to add to our Shrine To Honour The Dead if you are so inclined! Blessings.

  38. I love the pumpkin coach best. :)

  39. Sorry to be late for the party.
    Love the pumpkin carriage.

    Love your blog - we will return.
    Sending Halloween Wishes from the UK

  40. omg...these are just wonderful in every possible way!

  41. I am so impressed with what you did for the party. Congratulations, it is stunning. Wow, double wow and oh my stars....fabu. The Olde Bagg

  42. I am so glad I can magically visit your party. Even though it might appear I am late, time stands still and revelry lives on.
    I hope you come visit me as well.
    although I am enjoying the music and I may linger...