Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A surprise teaparty for one!

With your host...Mr. Magical Squirrel...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing with the Moon

These images were emailed to me by a friend. What a delight! I just had to share them with you in honor of the full moon this weekend! The PERFECT moon for a tea party!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party!!

The time has come…magic fills the air
Please join us for a fairy faire!
Just a sprinkle of dust, and the squeeze of your eyes
And you will shrink to fairy size!
Please let me hold the door for you
And watch your step while you climb through
A pumpkin carriage ride we’ll take
A fairy party we have to make!
Through the pumpkin patch we’ll go
Enjoy the breeze of autumn blow.
Oh no! Is that a sea of glass?
We’ll have to take a boat to pass.
Around the bubble maze we’ll scurry
We can’t be late, we have to hurry!
Shh! What’s that?...Could we be near??
Is that fairy merry-making that I hear?
Into the fairy ring, go on..take a dive
The fairies have been waiting for you to arrive!
WELCOME Fanciful Guests! We are happy you are here!
You are among friends, you have nothing to fear!
Please hang your hat and do have a seat
May I offer you a fairy treat?

A spot of tea, a cup of dew
How about some pumpkin stew?
Lemon tart, acorn puree
A bit of sunflower seed soufflé?
And now the band begins to play
May I have this dance? You hear someone say
A wee piano, some bongos, a drum
And a little guitar waiting to be strummed.
Music begins to fill the air!
Singing and dancing everywhere!

And just when everyone gets lost in play
The nighttime slowly turns to day!

After all farewells are said
The fairies head straight off to bed!
Just drink this dust and close your eyes
You’ll grow back to your normal size.

So many more parties you need to attend!
Thank you Vanessa, our Fanciful Friend!