Saturday, August 7, 2010

In the beginning....

About a year ago, I discovered that we had a house fairy! She would flit and flutter in the wee hours of the night; hiding things like tea cups, spoons, feathers, bobby pins and jewelry. I would often see glimpses of her pixie dust in the light of the moon on nights that I was watching for shooting stars or dreaming of secret lands where I turned into a cat and lived on cupcakes.

I was so delighted to discover our new house guest, so I quickly made her a modest little home (after all, she did need a proper place to hang her hat).
It appeared that our new winged friend was so thrilled with her new home that bean sprouts popped up out of the ground and glitter was not only found up and down her aqua side walk, it was also found on my pillow!

Word quickly got out among the local wee folk that we had constructed a magical fairy dwelling that had delighted our new house guest…it was not long until we had to make room for more winged creatures!

We started by building on to their existing home by adding another level. We then built another little (gn)home across the aqua blue sidewalk (which was apparently a favorite place for dancing)…..a fence was also built for the fairies to safely collect and store their treasures (can you see some of their treasures?)….one morning we found my son’s tooth in there!!

Our new house guests quickly made themselves at home and we were thrilled to live among such magical creatures despite the evening mischief making…

After a few months of moonlight fairy festivals, we had to formally invite three gnomes to live among our gardens due to the increase of nocturnal activity! Their job is to look after the fairies and to keep Lady Luna away. Lady Luna is more than just my cat…oh she is much, much more…. Do you see how GORGEOUS she is…and she is as smart and fabulous as she is gorgeous ……the fairies do not realize Lady Luna just wants to play and are fearful of her curious ways! So the gnomes keep Lady Luna away from the fairies.

A year later, we have increased our fairy garden into a bustling fairy village! I am always finding secret nooks in my garden to transform into magical miniture dwellings..

...and since our occupancy is quite full, I also delight in making fairy gardens for others. My fairies are adventurous spirits who are always willing to relocate with the promise of the occasional sugar cube...
To enhance the energy of our magical world, it is equally important for me to create and nourish a whimsical and delightful environment for our animal friends as well as children who still believe in the power of enchantment!

This blog is a place where I hope you will be inspired to create a whimsical environment for your little friends, whether they be fairy, animal, or child…that transform your everyday lives from the mundane to the magical!
Let's stir up a little magic...


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  2. I love these, just the sort of thing that fascinated me as a child (a long, long while ago!) and something the grandchildren would love doing. I do still make little secret hideaways in my garden, they calm my soul whenever I walk past.

  3. Hey there Melissa...thank you for you sweet comment. Got you linked to my blog now. Love your little gardens...any kind of a garden is special! Blessings Eden

  4. These are so sweet. I may try to make one of these with my little boy. You have inspired me. We don't get to keep magical moments of childhood for long what a fun way to cherish the magical moments with my baby boy. Thank You for sharing. So beautiful and so creative.

  5. These are great inspiration! I can't wait to show these to my niece and gain inspiration.