Sunday, May 8, 2011

Derby Hat

Check out the hat....or "fascinator" I made for Derby Day!

I had to cut into my Halloween costume from last year :(...but it was worth it....

it brought me luck, too, since my horse WON (Animal Kingdom) and I left with 20 bucks!!!
I love parties where hats are NOT optional!


Here is a closer look...

Wish I could photo shop those forehead wrinkles!! ugh...

I will be posting all of my fairy houses to be sold at Market Days tomorrow. I took pictures today!! I hope you all had a terrific mothers day weekend!!



  1. You, my darling, are totally fabulous! Love a girl that's not too shy to make a fashion statement! And yay...your horse won! Cool...can't wait to see your fairy houses x

  2. Great hat! "I wish I could photoshop those forehead wrinkles"...LOL! I so hear that one.

  3. Lovely hat- and this will sound weird, but you look like my little sis in these pics. *sigh* I luv my sis!!!! You look so cute!