Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello Friends!

Market Days was a success!

I had so much fun feeling like a store owner in the most charming store in town.....I was surrounded by the most eccentric people....and I sold out of almost everything!

The only regret that I have is that I did not take one picture!!!

I can't BELIEVE I didn't take any pictures!!

I soo want to share with you the little store that welcomed me with open arms!

The good news is they asked me to come back during their next big event...

The American Picker 2 weeks!!!

For those of you who are familiar with the American Pickers....they live right in the town where I sold my gardens today and are starting a very big event this June in the town of LeClaire, Iowa.

So fun....

and guess who gets to be right in the middle of the divine action!!

And YES I said TWO WEEKS!!

I was just saying I was going to take the next week to really focus and finish things up at work and to baby my gardens and plant seeds and work on my bottle trees and order butterflies and ladybugs and get Luna's garden in tip top shape... you like the clothes line? That was my step daughter's idea......

Here is a better look at the clothes hanging out in the sun.
I love the smell of sunshine....
Is there anything better than crawling into bed with sheets just taken off the clothesline?

OH my loves....ha....these pictures are so are my business cards!

My friends made them for me last week.....

They are so simple, so cute!

I love them.....and am so lucky that I have friends who would do anything for me AND have computer skills.....

Have I told you all how much I appreciate all of your kind words



love love love?

You all had more faith in me than I ever did....

Never thought I would sell anything...and today I did! Can't believe it!

Look, here are the little price tags I made.....inside each bag included a business card and how to care for their new fairy garden

I really hope everyone who bought a garden from me is loving them!

I am so honored and humbled by the people who purchased my gardens....

I hope it brings them magic....

I am sending all of YOU magic too!!!

Thank you for being my biggest fans!!



  1. It is so obvious these little magical gardens are made out of joy and with profound is very evident in each one of your creations! That is what everyone who bought your precious pieces saw...and what we get to see posted here every day :)

  2. You go girl! So happy for you...the detail in your little gardens is fantastic, and your step daughter is a genius! Love the little clothes line...and you already know how much I love the little cutlery signs - you must be feeling incredibly proud x

  3. oh your little gardens are fantastic I love all the details you put in to them, your little price tags and care instructions so you go that extra mile. Really happy for you that the event went well.

  4. Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I'm glad to hear that you have had such wonderful success. Your little creations are just perfect...

  5. Congrats, Melissa! Knew you would do big things with those fairies! xxoo Nancy

  6. Congratulations!!! I KNEW you would do great!!! I'm sure the faeries are loving their new homes too....just think about how much magic you are spreading around with your little faerie gardens!!! LOVE THEM!!

  7. I must say that these fairie gardens are so amazing. I love all the detail work you put into all of them. Very well done. I am trying to put a fairie garden together. I have the plants and collecting twigs and things. I have been searching everywhere for a low type pot to put it all in.
    Any suggestions?

  8. Hi hon - thanks for joining my blog (rubyblooms) - had a quiet moment to pop over to your blog to have a look & was blown away by your beautiful little gardens...they r SOOOO GORGEOUS...congratulations on your market success...u obviously have a gorgeous passion for creating these beautiful little worlds. i am always collecting little things on walks - sticks, husks, leaves, moss so can definitely relate to your little world xxx