Monday, June 13, 2011

The mother of all fairy gardens....

I had to put my fairy garden supplies away so I could have a clean house for a day or two!!:)...

...(fairy garden making is VERY messy work...and eventually takes over my entire house:)....

so before I packed everything up...

I threw all of my "extras" together and made myself this garden to keep by my back patio is a "fairy eye view" We have had alot of fairy activity at night fighting over this strawberry cheesecake!

We had a huge storm last week that knocked over every single pot and

decoration in a 3 mile radius...

but the fairy garden was not disrupted at all:)....

I also wanted to show you this gorgeous bag of acorns....

my friend spent an entire day acorn hunting for me!

Is this the most fabulous windchime you have every laid eyes on?

My husband made it for me....

Keeps the cats away from the fairy garden

and makes me smile at the vivid colors and twinkling sound!

I hope you are all having an amazing summer!



  1. its beautiful as always :) i need to re vamp mine before the summer solstice for the faerie folk :) hope theyre selling well, its worth all the mess then lol

  2. I'm on the floor! Wow Melissa - this is absolutely gorgeous...not to mention that amazing windchime! Good husband...and what a friend, finding all those beautiful acorns for you...hope you are well my friend x

  3. how beautiful!
    love that wind chime...he made it? what a great gift:)

  4. Beautiful! I need to get out there and fix up my Faerie Garden. Are you selling the little wooden houses? I would love to have one for my Faerie Garden.

  5. Protected by the fairies, no doubt...hehe!
    Love that windchime! Perhaps you can sell some of those, too?

  6. Wow! This is so very beautiful!!! and all your previous new fairy gardens!!!!

  7. Your fairy gardens are so amazing! I'm glad to see you kept one for yourself, and that it survived the storm.

  8. Such a gorgeous faerie garden! Thank goodness it was protected from the storm! And that is such a lovely wind chime. :) Your hubby is a magical creative soul, too, I see! :)