Friday, June 17, 2011


I wanted to post a few pictures from the weekend I sold my fairy gardens at Grasshoppers... fav store in LeClaire, Iowa......

...such a cute little place with a fun vibe.....

...I love the way Kim, the store owner and my new friend:), decorates the outside of her store..

...tons of vintage things to see wherever you look....
...and a rabbit who comes and goes as he pleases.
He followed me around the last time I was selling my gardens....
...wherever I went, there was Thumper the Rabbit underfoot....

There are also two canaries and the sweetest golden retriever who lives at Grasshoppers.

This lil band played all morning while I sat under the big oak tree talking to shoppers and ever so gingerly steering them toward my fairy garden display:)....

Here are a few of the gardens I sold

Here is a look at the back yard.

There are tons of flea market finds in the barn.

The view from the road downtownOH and did I mention she has a wine celler?

Thank God...I was ready for a drink by the time the second band started up!

Isn't it the most perfect place for fairy gardens to be adopted? xo

Hope you are all having a great day!!

We are off to pick strawberries and make jam to give for fathers day gifts!!



  1. What a beautiful place! I think I would spend every weekend there!

  2. Wow, what a magical wonder you sold your Fairy Gardens...and a little rabbit underfoot - did you ask him if he knew Alice? Wish I had been there to share a glass or two with you x

  3. Simply enchanting.....I wish I could come visit....I think I could spend a whole day wandering around there.

  4. Sounds perfectly lovely!!! I wouls have loved to spend the day there with you...chatting and shopping and sipping and smiling!

    Congrats on the sales, too...btw :)

  5. Oh what a magical place this is (and I LOVE the name). BIG congrats on your sales - it doesn't surprise me in the least! Your fairy gardens are so truly beautiful! Hurray you!!!