Monday, June 27, 2011

A fort for adults!

Welcome to my Wine Drinking Fort!I was so sad that I missed Miss Vanessa's Mad Tea Party (due to computer problems)...

that I decided to arrange a little wine tea party instead!... I made myself a fort....right in my back yard....for wine drinking and cake eating...

I bought the bunting flags from adorble little shop from Etsy! They danced in the breeze among twinkle lights and fireflies!....

and I made a rainbow cake!

I have always wanted to make a rainbow was on my summer bucket list....

it wasn't pretty but it was colorful...and tasted delish!!

I wish I had a picture of Lady Luna in the fort

She loved it

Cats are MOST welcome

...but little boys with dirty feet and sticky hands and arms were not:)

Four guests have sat in the magical wine drinking fort....
....I anticipiate more this evening....

and even more tomorrow...

would you like to join me?



  1. You bet I'd like to join you...all my favourite things! Wine, a fort, a rainbow cake, wine....he hee...I'm coming right over x

  2. This is so inviting and whimsical....yeah, pour me a glass of vino too. The Olde Bagg

  3. This is perfect! Good for you, making your own "Adults Only" space without hiding away!

    I love it!

  4. I LOVE your fort for adults only! How did you make it? Are those torches? I want to make something like this in my yard.....a Gypsy Tent maybe....

  5. YES! I would be delighted to stop by for a glass of wine! This looks splendid. I love Celia's gypsy tent idea too! I've been waiting for at least two days of sun in a row so I can set one up on my back deck...

  6. Hello luvs!! I just used tiki torches and a queen size sheet!.....I tied the sheet around the tiki torches and then added the bunting flags and lights! voila!! so easy! ...and so fun!! xoxo post pictures if you make a magical fort in your own yards!!

    Tina...I will have your glass ready!! xo :)

  7. I love your adults only fort...This is your escape.. I am happy for you. There is always next year for the tea party. mean while please check out mine..

  8. It's NEVER too late for a fabulous party!!!! I love your adults-only fort. Looks so relaxing and peaceful. Ahhhhhh And those bunting flags are so pretty! Hope you and yours have a lovely 4th!!! :)