Saturday, April 2, 2011

An Amazing and Generous Package!!

Calamity Cupcake is here!!

She has finally arrived and I am so very excited!!

Look at her! So fancy and sweet....Wendy from Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland has outdone herself (again)!

Look at the goodies that she sent to keep Calamity Cupcake company on her journey!

Party Pom-poms...a cupcake ornament...and a handwritten note...

Party preparations are under-way for a proper housewarming for Miss. Cupcake!

We love having her here!!...and we love Wendy from Wonderland!! If you have not visited the whimsy MUST!!! Have a wonderful night my loves!!! I will be back tomorrow to show you my newest fairy garden! xoxo


  1. Lucky you Melissa...Wendy is such fun isn't she? Always a treat to get something special in the mail. Thankyou for being such a lovely friend x

  2. How sweet! What a lovely gift. It's always fun to open up fun packages with pretty treats inside. Enjoy! Theresa