Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Fabulous Finds....

Hello my friends! I wanted to share some things that have crossed my path this week! It has been a week full of delicious-ness!

First, I must show you the potting bench that my husband made for me!
What a Valentine’s Day gift! I found a picture of this VERY SAME bench in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and put a Stick-It note with the words I LOVE THIS on the page.
I left it for him to see but didn’t think he’d MAKE one!
He and my son worked on this for over two weeks (well, my son worked on it for two days) and surprised me on Valentine’s Day!
Isn’t it perfect??? (don't mind the mess around it....he had to make it in the storage basement:)

Next…a little something I bought myself.
Look at this plant stand!
I found this at Gordmans the other day and fell in love with it! It is so different. It was MADE for my downstairs bathroom!
A Rainbow Chime Maker!
I got this for my birthday but totally forgot about it!
I found it when I was cleaning my room this morning!
It is placed in a window where the direct sunlight hits the solar panel; the warmed solar panel swings a crystal prism that creates rainbows to dance around the room while gently knocking the wind chimes making a soft tinkely sound!
A little valentine present from Max....LOVE THIS YUMMY is lit as I write this...

A bouquet of daffodils from my friend….

A little something I made with my new metal stamping materials....I am still learning....but wanted to share

Cupcake Calamity
A gift from Wendy from Wonderland (
I won Cupcake Calamity on Wendy’s last giveaway! I never win anything so I was tickled! We are going to have a cupcake party when she arrives….she will be the guest of honor!
I can't wait...she is on her way:)!!!

I am thinking of buying two more and putting them on my kitchen table around the three candle hurricanes that are there now filled with conversation hearts.

…and speaking of Peacocks. I have to share this blog with you!....I don’t even know how I found it but I wish she would post three times a day with pictures of her shop!
Check her'lll love it!

and may YOUR week be filled with fabulous-ness!! Xo


  1. Wow! What great gifts! That potting bench is such an awesome surprise....I saw that tiny glimpse of your yard behind the will be well used, I mean loved!

    And that link...thank you....such wonderful eye candy :)

  2. All of that stuff is so fabulous! I especially love the peacock wreath and that AMAZING plant stand!

  3. What a gorgeous bench! How SWEET that your hubby made one for you - hurray for both of you! And I love that amazing plant stand - I've never seen anything like it. Or that peacock wreath - so lovely. Congrats on your win from Wendy - that piece is so adorable! :) Theresa

  4. What lovely finds! That bench is stunning! ~ and the peacock wreath...mmmm..want one!
    We received your package!!! The girls and I had such delight as we unveiled it bit by bit. Truly an exquisite piece of work. Thank you. It shall be treasured in our home. The fairies have already moved in...

  5. Hey gorgeous! How lucky are you to have such a clever man? So enjoyed seeing all of your treasures - please take a pic when you hang those windchimes! Oh, and you just know I am going to check out that link - you know me and peacocks!