Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Our New House Gnomes!

Due to the increase of fairy activity in our home (as a result of the fairy villiage I am just finishing up this week...can't wait to show you!) we have formally invited three gnomes to live with us. Their job is to look after the fairies and to keep Luna away ……the fairies do not realize Luna just wants to play! For those of you who may not know…gnomes are merry little old elves who are very earthy and friends to all animals. Unlike fairies, gnomes do not mind being seen by humans that they trust. If you invite gnomes into your home with good intentions, they will bring increased energy, clarity, and harmony to your home…..they will also most likely bring a bit of mischief!!!

Tiptoe is a Capricorn and likes to sleep in shafts of sunlight. At night you can find him on window sills watching for shooting stars and counting fireflies. He loves to observe quiet family gatherings but prefers to find a quiet place to read when there is a great deal of activity around the house. Tiptoe’s pet peeves are loud vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and riding in the same sack as stool samples (long story). Tiptoe always watches over family members who do not feel well….his gnome-pats help humans heal quickly.

Professor Crumb is a Gemini whose earthy, easy going attitude is a compliment to any home. He is a complex thinker with many ideas and creative solutions. He loves to solve problems and can always be found near his house servants when problems arise, whispering in their ear with his kind English accent. Crumb loves to travel and will eat anything. His dream is to be a food critic for a gnome magazine to sample the finest cuisine from all around the world. Crumb makes an excellent travel companion and is a terrific navigator! Although Professor Crumb maintains an easy going attitude, he can’t stand being held like a baby, micro-waved cooked food or the show Little People in a Big World.

Neehi is a Libra and prefers tacos to lobster. He likes to play tricks on his house servants and often times forgets to put the lid on the milk carton. Neehi’s favorite sport is chasing cat tails, dancing with feather dusters and knocking things off book shelves. Neehi is famous for his rambuncious nature and contagious laughter. His pet peeves are cat hair on the furniture and people who use the word ‘nugget’. Neehi is always there when family members have lost their sense of humor. Those who unexpectedly smile or burst into laughter were most likely just hugged, cuddled, or sniffed by Neehi.


  1. Oh this is a precious posting. I love the names, the gnomes and the stories. Thanks, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Their names are just perfect! So cute!

  3. These guys are adorable...I can't wait to see the Fairy Village!

  4. I loved learning about your house gnomes...what fun! I cannot wait to see your fairy village...I know it will be lovely! Theresa