Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Elf Month!

Elf magic is definately a holiday FAVORITE in this family! Our house Elf, Samuel, is SUCH a mischief maker! Despite ALL of the trouble he finds....he brings smiles and giggles to even the big "kids" around here!....You never know what he will do next!

You MUST check out this website for endless ideas of how to infuse elf magic into your holiday~


I will post pictures of Samuel and his mischeif making ways tomorrow....I like to catch him in the act!

Happy magic making my friends!!


  1. I have never heard of Elf on the Shelf, but as I have a little boy who considers himself and elf-in-training, I think I should look into this.

    Off to click on your link (and, spooky, because your Samuel actually looks like my boy!)

  2. super cute idea! will have to wait for grandkids to start this one, though.

  3. My aunt(born in the 70's and raised in the 80's) remembers having and Elf on the Shelf as a decoration from when her older siblings (born in the 50's and raised in the 60's/70's) were kids. As she was raised practically as an only child, she would play with their elf every year. How neat that some woman randomly decided to bring it back and that it's done so well! We're contemplating making our own, as you can probably still purchase the head and the body is a simple thing to make! Can't wait to see Samuel mischeif! *~_^*

  4. Elf on the Shelf is such a classic. I can't wait to see where YOUR elf ends up in your home. :) Theresa