Monday, December 13, 2010

Fairy Golf

Look at what our friend Eric made! Inspired by some of our "fairyland-making adventures" over the summer, Eric made a golfing range for our local wee folk! He brought it over yesterday to show me his creation....I was ever so proud!! Look at the thimble for the bucket and Pixo-s for the golf creative!
I was so proud of his "spur of the moment independent work" I had to show this picture one more time! ;)

....and he is asking Santa for more supplies to make future fairy habitats! Brings a tear to my eye....


  1. how amazing! the fairies are going to have so much fun!

  2. Hi Melissa!

    Happy Christmas time to you and all those you love from Jacqueline in Once Upon a Fairyland. This month we dived down a rabbit hole to Christmas Land and I've had so much fun creating a story around it!

    I'm trying to figure out who Eric is because I'm new to your blog but I like the guy! My dad built a mini golf course at Once Upon a Fairyland so I'm pretty darn good at it...tee hee. I should gather my gnomes from Gnomeland (my front yard and soon to be back yard) and bring them for a few rounds of golf!

    I loved looking back at your beautiful magical home...It is so pretty and reminds me of a winter fairyland for sure.

    May the wonder of the season fill your home and heart.
    In kindness,

  3. This is just so darn cute! :) I think the faeries would be tickled pink to play some "mini" golf! Theresa

  4. You know the saying, "Build it and they will come." Before long you will need more housing and recreational activities for the wee folk.

    I enjoyed the pictures of your lovely home. It all looks so sparkly white, inside and out.