Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crafty Kids...

Put a bunch of supplies next to a plate of yummy cookies and the creating will just begin! From this... to this...
From this.... this....

From this.... this! (my favorite)...

....and from this... this..

Fom mundane to magical!


  1. Well, I love the gumdrop ball, but I'm afraid that I would eat most of the gumdrops before it was made! I also love those pinecone elves and there is no chance of eating them before they get finished! Merry, merry Christmas Melissa to you and your family! Glad we blog together! Nancy

  2. your ice wreath is brilliant! i wonder if i could pull that off in southern california? you've got me thinking of all the cool things you could freeze in that ring! wait, it is a wreath, right? filled with apples? or is it something for the birds? anyway, SOOOO cool!

  3. How fabulous all these are! I love those elves, too. Everything here is just great. Happy Holidays to you and yours! :) Theresa

  4. These are all just too cute. Love the reindeer and the elves.

  5. Wow, you guys have been busy! Everything looks amazing! Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx

  6. So many cute and crafty things ~ very fun!

    Merry Christmas!
    xo Catherine

  7. ~ooohhhh ooohhh ooohhh...each and every piece you haev created enough to steal ones heart!!! l♥♥♥ve is all i can say...happy belated winter solstice~Yule first day of winter to you...i hope it was a day filled with only wondrous magical moments that filled your spirit with great joy...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours always~

  8. All sorts of lovely busyness going on at your place! I love the ice sun catcher. We didn't get to making one before Christmas, but that is still on our list to do this winter.