Monday, October 11, 2010

My Martha Stewart Bats!

I can't tell you the number of hours I spent tracing, cutting, laminating those bats! They turned out ok but I really need so many more! I wanted them to come from the porch and land on the light ..but these will do for this year!!

I can never remember how I set up my front porch so it is a bit different each time! I love my sparkly black cat....she glistens in the sunlight AND by candlelight...a special little lady...
I hung witches hats from the porch ceiling...I have a thing for hanging hats on the ceiling:).....

...and please say hello to my "cauldron of enchantment" most prized creation that I made last year...if you look closely you can see a little fella whooooo warns us of visitors coming to the door...
...there he is!....A cousin of Hedwig.....flys away for a few hours each morning but always returns to this spot before the dew disappears!
Just a FEW more things to do on the inside and I will be done with my decorative spell for the season!!


  1. Oh Melissa,
    This is absolutely enchanting. I love it all. My favorite is the enchanted cauldron. I have to have one. And I love the hanging witches hats, and the cat, and the bats.... Oh I just love it all.
    What a wonderfully spooky front porch.
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  2. Hello!
    this is gorgeous!your bats ,and everything else look amazing!

  3. Wow ~ you certainly go all out for Halloween don't you! Good for you! I love the owl at the end ~ so cute! I am thinking you will have lots of trick-or-treaters this year! :)

    Happy Day!
    xo Catherine

  4. they came out so good, I am gonna try and start my bat project this weekend

  5. So fine!!

    I love the cauldron, too.

    I set up our firepit in the front on Halloween night with life-size ghosts around it... I so wish that I had a hanger for my cauldron over it. That would be so awesome. :)

  6. Your house looks beautiful! I think Martha would be quite envious oh how wicked and witchy everything looks : )

  7. Enjoyed looking at the blogs. The boys seemed to have really enjoyed the summer, but I bet they are just as active all year.
    Your halloween decorations are fun. I have, maybe three, bats hanging from my porch ceiling, but I really like the look of 'martha's bats - I may have to try that.

  8. Your bats look fantastic! In fact all your decorations look amazing! Wish Halloween was as big here in Oz as it is over the owl is my very favourite!

  9. Oh your decor! Good job on the bats, I'll bet that took ya forevah ;) Happy Halloweeeeen.

    Jamie :)

  10. Not sure if this is your Halloween Party link, but fabulous Halloween decorations!

    Please fly by for my giveaways too...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

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  11. Love, love your decor!! I think the time spent tracing and cutting was well worth it! And Hedwig's cousin is quite a cute Hootie!

  12. So creative! I loved every minute of it!


  13. Your Halloween decorating in fabulous.

  14. wonderful fairy party!! adorable! great pics :)

    Thank you:)


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