Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Decorative Spell...

I spent Friday night on STAGE ONE of the annual bewitching of the house! Music playing, candles lit, wine poured...I fly around the house putting everything in it's place...and find myself wickedly grinning as I open all of my favorite this little lady above. She is definately stirring up trouble in that cauldron! ......and the sparkly fabulous feline below.. Love her!
Oh....yes...and I am a sucker for anything with fur and sparkles!!....

The witch is DEFINATELY in....
Love my mantle at night.....I think I set out at least 80 candles.....and lit them all in celebration of October 1st!!
This Black Hat Diner sign was 5.00 at Michael's. I love it on my chalkboard in my kitchen so I can make up funky little menus! I try to do this every night during October. Tonight we are having Magical Moonbeam Mamwhiches!!

...and right next to the chalkboard are these little boots that hang over the doorway...they sparkle!

Although I do not begin my OUTSIDE enchantments until STAGE TWO of Halloween Decorating....I do hang this lady from the sliding glass door going out to the patio. It looks terrific at night with the lights from our dining room glowing behind her!....I often walk around to the back of the house just so I can say hello to her while standing under a star filled sky!!

I made these hats a few years ago with a picture of a witches hat and some sparkly card stock. I hope they last forever....I love them!
I really don't enjoy hanging spider webs....but it is soo worth it in the end, no?

I don't like the scary, bloody, gross Halloween decorations....they totally creep me out.....don't really want to give the message that I support axes through heads, nails stuck through eye lids, or severed limbs laying around the yard. Don't people have nightmares with all of those images laying around their houses?...ew....

I DO, however, support the message that mystery and intrigue are around every corner and that magic is in the air!!! .....
I have an annual Halloween party for JUST ladies....everyone must come dressed as a is a most wicked event!...because, afterall, "there is a little witch in all of us."

I must say, hanging witches hats from the ceiling is BRILLIANT.....

Lady Luna loves her own special hat on her stratching post......this IS HER season after all!
Halloween Decorating Stage One is complete....the candles are lit, the fireplace is roaring, pumpkin spiced candles are filling the house and one more glass of wine is poured.....
Happy Decorating!!


  1. I love your decorations. Now I am getting so anxious for that special day.

  2. Hi Melissa, Love your halloween decorations! What a great idea for a girlfriend party dressed a witches! Love it. We have a christmas wine party for our girlfriends with cabana boys to serve them. It's great fun.
    Enjoy your week sweetie!

  3. You are so inspirational!!! Look at all the great ideas and perfectly lovely displays! Joy! This is great! Thanks for wonderful tour! Blessings dear.

  4. Aw, you're home looks lovely! Good work missus!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the decorations..and what is the black cats name??? My only black one (he is part siamese) is Salem

  6. You're still kinda my hero. Love the spiderwebs....hate to hang them! And adore the hats you cut out! So much fun!

  7. I just did the same last week. But I only have one room to work with lol. Where do you find all this stuff?

  8. Fantastic! You are very creative indeed! I bet your house is so much fun on Halloween!