Sunday, August 21, 2011

I love the farmers market!!

My husband and I have been going to the farmers market every Saturday morning before going to breakfast for the past month. (kids still sleeping:)

I look forward to it all week!

I love our farmers is one of the best things about living in Iowa.....we truly have the most amazing display of local farmers and artists....the entire market is BURSTING with good things!

I have been trying new recipes with the produce that I have been bringing home....

Zucchini Bread (even the kids love it!)

Rubarb Bread

Tomato Basil Salad (divine)

Blueberry crisp (omg)

Corn & Bean salad (with tomato and feta cheese)

Grilled veggies (including eggplant which I had never tried before:)

Sweet potato with rosemary biscuits (from scratch!) yum!

Creamy tomato and basil soup (from scratch)

I am now in the process of canning and freezing for the winter.

I feel like I should get an apron and start raising chickens!!

Tonight my parents are coming was their anniversary last week so we are making them dinner!

The Menu:

Grilled chicken (with a honey mustard/rosemary glaze)

Roasted rosemary potatoes with goat cheese

Peaches & Cream corn on the cob

Watermellon (which is AMAZING!!)

Blueberry Crisp and homemade ice cream

Strawberry/lime ice tea (until we switch to wine)

Bon Appetit!!



  1. I wanna come! This post is bursting with deliciousness! I love the farmers' markets too - they have a lovely one down the beach, and I am a sucker for the cheese stands! Oh blue cheese, why do I love you so? Your parents are very lucky funny, mine are coming for dinner tonight - maybe I should send them to your place instead...

  2. Yes....Farmer's Markets are fantastic!! All of your recipes sound delicious! Can I come over for dinner??

  3. Farmer's markets are AMAZING places. I just love visiting them and coming home with all sorts of organic and natural goodies. Just bringing them home makes me feel better! What an amazing dinner you planned for your parents...everything sounds amazing!