Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 Random Things...

I was asked to blog about 15 Random Things about myself....encouraging my dear blog readers to do the same! Below are 15 things that came to mind while watching HGTV and waiting for everyone in the other room to get their shoes on so we can go see a movie and get a pizza!! goes...15 things ....

1. I can't stand wearing socks to bed
2. My house is always clean but my car is always a pit
3. I always eat something from my cart at the grocery store and pay for the empty bag
4. I jokingly ordered food at the Wendy's Driv-Thru with a British accent one day while my son and his friend were in the car. The people at the window asked me a bunch of questions about my accent when we got to the window and I made up this big story about my Britsh "roots." I have no idea why! To this day I still use a British accent every time I go there...even if I am by myself! (and I go there about once a week, by myself, for a soft drink since it is right next to the place I buy my cat food!..ha)
5. I play a game of chess with my son every night before he goes to sleep. I hope he never outgrows this.
6. I believe in fairies.
7. My parenting philosophy is, "it is easier to mend a broken bone than a broken spirit."
8. My biggest regret is that I never joined the Peace Corps.
9. I have a black cat named Lady Luna who I think is much more than just an ordinary cat.
10. If I could ingest only one thing for the rest of my life it would be ice cold coke in a can. Actually, if I could inject it I would!
11. I do my best thinking while in my car drinking coffee
12. My husband and I plan to open a Bed & Breakfast in Vermont on a plot of family land called Wild Hill. The Bed & Breakfast will be called The Barefoot Inn. Of course this will not be until we both retire but we already have breakfast menus.
13. I am going to need to get another job to pay for all of the apps I keep downloading for my new IPAD.
14. I am planning a trip to Italy for my 40th birthday
15. I don't pay much attention to rules...
Now it is your turn!!


  1. Lovely that you got to ride in my carriage at Borders! Now you know that the small fee to ride in such a carriage is to have a curious and light heart, which, to be honest may be a small fee, but for some it is no small feat... So, glad you liked it dear! Thanks for the mention! love love your gardens... ahh... respite for the little folk. Blessings and goodnight! Oh! and we love our black kitty, too! Moonstar is vastly our superior, yet, there is not a snotty air about her at all. She has blessed us these four and a half years! Hugs..

  2. This is a fantastic list! I just love reading these real, get to know you type answers. I might need to wait until I get back from vacation, but I'll work on a list too. :D

  3. Oh, I meant to share this link with you too. My cousin knows the woman who makes these. I thought of you.


  4. how fun. these can be very revealing, especially about someone's priorities and values in life. i think it would take it all too seriously, though, and spend my entire sunday trying to pick 15 things. very enjoyable reading yours! (you are lucky your son plays chess with you!! my son and i are watching that downton abbey pbs series together, and he's 18!!)

  5. I only have a cup of 'constant comment' green tea with me at the moment, but I am toasting your free spirit. Here's to you.

  6. Oh how wonderful this was!!! I SO loved #4 - it had me laughing and smiling - in a good way. How fun is that??? And I am addicted to Diet Coke - but only in single serve bottles. LOL Thank you for sharing your whimsies today! Theresa

  7. Great post - Just added my 15 random things