Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little discovery while hiking....

I took Max and a few of his buddies for a long hike at the Maquoketa Caves on Saturday. We LOVE it there...(a must see for anyone visiting the midwest) is a little boys playground! We have been taking Max since he was four, he knows these trails like the back of his hand...and NEVER tires of the endless adventures he finds in every cave.
As the boys were setting up a "survival camp" I took a nature walk to see what adventures I could find on my own and look at what I found!....
WHAT a delightful little tree! What a PERFECT little home for a colony of fairies!? If only I did not have a colony of boys to keep my eye on I would have spent the entire day constructing a magical tree house for the Maquoketa Wee Folk!!
I also found this funny looking tree...looks like Aaron Neville smoking a pipe..... and then...
I came across these little darlings. ....Legend has it that to avoid being seen, fairies turn themselves into toadstools until you pass by them.....I gave them a knowing wink as I skipped past....
...and when I came back awhile later, they were gone!


  1. Oh, I love finding the fairy homes and haunts when we go for a hike! My kids love it too, so we are always pointing out magical little spots to one another as we go. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in that -- never hurts to add some magic!

  2. Success!
    A lovely walk, to be sure.

  3. how incredible! i love how you see magic in everything. have a wonderful morning.

  4. I laugh!!!!! I love the Aaron Neville tree. What a hoot.

  5. Melissa, I don't know if you're still keeping this blog or not. But if you are and happen to check this message I wanted to ask if I might use the photo above of the line of toad stools? It's a darling photo and I'd love to use it in my digital software (Photoshop, etc), perhaps turning it into a 'painting', etc. It's just so cute especially the way they're all lined up in such a regimented way. I HOPE to hear back from you. Let me know at if I might have your permission. :o) Joanne